Counterculture Portrayed on 'Mad Men'

It's 1969 on Mad Men as the AMC series winds down in its split final season. In one episode ("The Monolith"), Roger's daughter runs away to a hippie commune.

Roger (John Slattery) tokes on "Mad Men."

Now known as Marigold, the former Margaret (Elizabeth Rice) has dived into the counterculture, living off the grid in a house in Kingston, New York, not far from Woodstock. Roger (John Slattery) and his first wife, Mona (Talia Balsam), drive up to "rescue her" from her scruffy housemates.

Roger gives it a college try, smoking pot with the main dude (Roger jokes that's why they're preparing dinner so early) and sleeping under the stars. But when he decides its time for her to go the next morning, Roger meets fierce resistance from a daughter who knows too much about his philandering ways, and gets his bright blue suit and pride muddied in the encounter. The stark divisions and counter clashes of the '60s boil over in this highly dramatic scene (see clip above).

In another episode ("The Runaways"), Don's niece from his first marriage when he was known as Dick, calls him from California. She's homeless and pregnant. At a party at Megan's house in Laurel Canypon, there's a lot of pot smoking. Don (Jon Hamm) turns down a joint in favor of a drink. Back at the office in New York, Stan (Jay R. Ferguson) tokes, as is usual for him.

Mad Man, about an New York ad agency in the '60s, is scheduled to conclude next year with the final seven episodes.

Below, the Hollies song that plays over the credits in hippie-commune episode...

Steve Bloom

Steve Bloom

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