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2014 Fall Stoner TV Guide


Charlie Hunnam is Jax on "Sons of Anarchy."

Sons of Anarchy

When: Sept. 9 to Dec. 9, Tues., 10 pm ET, on FX
What: The seventh and final season of this extremely violent biker series picks up where Season 6 left off when Jax's mother Gemma (Katey Sagal) killed his wife, Tara. Samcro leader Jax (Charlie Hunnam) buys Gemma's story that she saw a "Chinese" leave the scene of the crime and goes on the warpath. This leads to retaliation and more violence, including the death of lieutenant Bobby (Mark Boone Junior). When Jax finally figures it out he has no choice but to kill Gemma. Will Jax survive the carnage and ride off on his Harley into the sunset?  

Steve Bloom

Steve Bloom

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