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Which New Fall TV Dramas Will Survive?

The Batman prequel "Gotham" has the best odds of returning for a second season.

According to our friends at, seven new drama series will likely make it beyond this season. Check out which ones and the odds.

Seven That Should Make It:

When: Debuts Sept. 22, 8 pm ET, on Fox
What: Ben McKenzie is Det. Gordon, a cop looking to make a name for himself in Gotham City. This Batman prequel is the cream of the crop of fall shows.
Odds: 4/1

When: Debuts Oct. 2, 9 pm ET, on Fox
What: Adapted from the BBC show Broadchurch, this 10-part miniseries stars Anna Gunn from Breaking Bad and David Tennant as small-town Califiornia cops who have to solve a murder
Odds: 12/1

NCIS: New Orleans
When: Debuts Sept. 23, 9 pm ET, on CBS
What: The latest expansion of this venerable franchise moves to the Big Easy. The cast includes Scott Bakula and C.C.H. Pounder from Sons of Anarchy. Expect to hear some good music, like on Treme.
Odds: 15/1

When: Debuts Sept. 22, 9 pm ET, on CBS
What: Nerds at Homeland Security, led by Elyes Gabel and Katherine McPhee, deal with terrorist threats. Don’t bet against CBS because they know geek.
Odds: 15/1

When: Debuts Oct. 1, 10 pm ET, on CBS
What: Maggie Q and Dylan McDermott team as LAPD detectives who investigate stalker incidents. Law enforcement shows are hit or miss. This could hit.
Odds: 17/1

The Affair
When: Debuts Oct. 12, 10 pm ET, on Showtime
What: Viewers will enjoy the fly-on-the-wall discussions dissecting infidelity with plenty of flashbacks for titillation. The solid cast features Dominic West, Maura Tierney, Joshua Jackson and Ruth Wilson.
Odds: 8/1

The Flash
When: Debuts Oct. 7, 8 pm ET, on The CW
What: If there’s a show that can give Gotham a run for its money, it’s this Arrow spin-off starring Grant Gustin as CSI Investigator, Flash.
Odds: 17/1

Four That Won't:

Constantine (NBC): 22/1
Forever (ABC): 50/1
How to Get Away with Murder (ABC): 20/1
Madame Secretary (CBS): 44/1

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