Anthony Bourdain's Smokey Trip to Jamaica

Anthony Bourdain enjoys the local seafood on Winnifred Beach in Port Antonio, Jamaica.

For the final Parts Unknown episode of Season 4, Anthony Bourdain visits Port Antonio in Jamaica, the area on the Northeast part of the island that time forgot.

Bourdain imagines himself as James Bond or at least a character from one of the Bond movies, several of which were filmed in the area where Ian Fleming owned the beachfront property known as GoldenEye (also the name of the 1995 movie).

GoldenEye the property is now owned by Island Records founder and Bob Marley discoverer Chris Blackwell, whom Bourdain has a chat with.

His tour of food shacks leads him to Winnifred Beach, the last public beach in the area. The rest are being bought by private companies who plan to build resorts like those in Montego Bay and Negril, both west of Port Antonio. The frequent image of an overweight American tourist sipping a drink drives home Bourdain's point - which is a healthy disdain for commercialization and loss of native culture.

Bourdain reasons with some Rastas, who smoke spliffs around him. While he no longer uses drugs of any kind apparently (it's unlikely CNN would've let him take a hit anyway - see Lisa Ling's recent show about ayahuasca), Bourdain drinks like a fish - in this case, rum and many bottles of Red Stripe.

Steve Bloom

Steve Bloom

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