The Eight Stoniest 'SNL' Sketches of All Time

Killer Weed (1976)

On Weekend Update, Chevy Chase reports: "The FBI says a huge shipment of pot they are calling killer dope has been smuggled into New York City. The Bureau urges users not to smoke the weed… In order to aid the FBI in their investigation, Weekend Update is undertaking its own analysis of marijuana sent to us anonymously by any viewers who may be worried. Simply place a small sample of the suspected cannabis in an envelope and send it immediately to Chevy Chase, Apt. 12, 827 W. 81 St. NYC, 10053."


American Dope Growers Union (1979)

A union leader played by Laraine Newman tells a group of cannabis growers: "Every time you buy pot from Mexico or Colombia, you're putting an American out of work. We at the American Dope Growers Union support ourselves by growing marijuana on American soil." Then, she and others sing the union-label song.


Put Your Weed In It (1993)

Rob Schneider plays a hippie who works in an African store. David Spade, Chris Farley and other cast members ask him about different items and in each case Schneider tells them they can put their "weed in it." Finally, an officer played by Charles Barkley enters the store. Schneider nervously shows him his stash in a carved box and is promptly arrested. 


Jarret's Room (2001)

Jarret (Jimmy Fallon) and Gobi (Horatio Sanz) are best buds at Hampshire College ("we like to call it Hempshire College"). They have a web show with special guests and a DJ. Gobi's a full-fledged stoner. In this sketch, he barks out, "Take me to your dealer," and makes numerous Phish references. Note the bong in the background. There were several "Jarret's Room" skits.


Russell Putnam, High Times Investigative Reporter (2002)

Jack Black joins Darrell Hammond, Chris Kattan and Jimmy Fallon.

At a press conference, High Times repoorter Russell Putnam (Jack Black) asks Mayor Holden (Darrell Hammond): "Is it the truth that the government has a huge field of high potency pot that they grow just for the President and Congress?" Later, after a smokey sesh at High Times, Putnam sneaks into Holden's office and declares, "Caught you red-handed?" "Caught doing what?" the Mayor asks. "You think anyone's going to believe you?! You're from High Times magazine. The whole world thinks you're a bunch of stoners, so go ahead! Tell the whole world what you heard!" Unfortunately, a clip of this skit is not available.


The Mellow Show (2009)

Andy Samberg's talk show is based on Jack Johnson's supreme mellowness. This episode features Dave Matthews (Bill Hader), Jason Mraz (Joseph Gordon-Levitt) and Ozzy Osbourne (also Matthews). At one point, Johnson announces, "Be on the lookout for Ziggy, my pet gecko. Ziggy is unique in that he can both roll and smoke doobies." And at the end: "Keep your eyes peeled for my pet kimono dragon Professor Munchie… If you do encounter Munchie, do not buy weed from him because it is laced with PCP." Samberg also blurts out "hemp necklace."


New Marijuana Policy (2014)

This sketch plays off the change of New York's marijuana-arrest policy. Pete Davidson is the first to leave his house holding a bag of marijuana. Woody Harrelson, dressed in hippie garb, jumps on a car and declares, "Free at last!" All the stoners join together until the police block their path. Davidson is warned not to light up a joint in public. That part of the law is still a criminal offense. Bummer.


The Negotiator (2021)

This Season 46 sketch features Davidson and Aidy Bryant as blue weed gummies. It starts with host Regina King responding to a police call. Mikey Day has a hostage on a roof. King tells her partner Bowen Yang she ate the evidence in the car, which were weed gummies. During the negotiation, she hallucinates and sees Davidson and Bryant on the roof. Then Marge Simpson (Melissa Villaseñor) shows up, as the duo repeats, "I'm a weed gummy/ I'm a, I'm a, I'm a weed gummy."


Drugs on Campus (2024)

Andrew Dismukes (Zachery) tells fellow students, "Troy gave me a shroom chocolate and I microdosed." Asked how he feels, Zach says, "I've never done it before. The hype is real." Both anti-drugs, Mikey Day and host Ado Edebiri overreact. "I did not know how straight-edge you are," Zach replies. Edebiri: "I'd rather be straight-edge than sharing mushroom needles with a junkie." After Day and Edebiri split, Zach shares the mushroom bar with Bowen Yang, Chloe Fineman and Devon Walker. Day and Edebiri return and Day alerts campus security, who blows him off. Edebiri takes the chocolate and starts eating it. So does Day. "Ooh, it's disgusting," he says and walks away with Edebiri, followed by the others. 


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