TV Review: Workaholics' 'Peyote It Forward'

Up on the Roof: Adam, Blake and Ders get high on "Workaholics."

The most consistently stony show on TV has to be the underrated Workaholics. In the latest episode ("Peyote It Forward"), Adam, Blake and Ders go on an amazing peyote trip. 

It begins on the roof with Ders (Anders Holm) hitting a bong, Adam (Adam DeVine) smoking a bone and Blake (Blake Anderson) looking at the moon through a telescope. 

Ders quotes Joe Rogan: "We're just talking monkeys on an organic spaceship flying through the universe… He says imagination is the force behind our evolution, and I think he's right. When I was kid my imagination was ridiculousness."

This leads Adam to load up their smoothies with peyote. The timing's not great since they're at the office and just offered to babysit an eight-year-old.

"I was trying to get on a spiritual level," Adam explains. "Joseph Rogan said he took peyote before an MMA class and it was the bomb diggity."

But Blake wonders: "Why did you Joe Rogan us? Why couldn't you just Seth Rogen us? We could've just smoked some weed and babysat the kid."

Adam: 'We Seth Rogen ourselves all the time. This is different. I was trying to Joe Rogan us.'

There are some terrific effects, such as when they can barely make it down an office hallway (see clip below) or grab the knob on a door that keeps moving.

The Rogan references continue when Blake meets his 70-year-old self. "What's the secret?" young Blake asks.

Old Blake: "It all started when Joe Rogan became president."

Confronted by their alter egos in a room full of mirrors, they ultimately freak out and smash all the mirrors. The kid gets blamed his by father, who's seen raising his hand to him.

The last frame of the episode reads sardonically: Please, Do Not Hit Children – Hit Bongs!

Steve Bloom

Steve Bloom

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