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TV Review: '60 Minutes' on Recreational Marijuana Legalization

Dr. Jon LaPook takes a walk among the pot plants at Pueblo, Colorado’s Los Suenos Farms. (CBS News)

With five states with adult-use marijuana measures on the November ballot, CBS' chief medical correspondent Dr. Jon LaPook goes to Colorado to examine recreational cannabis legalization there nearly three years after it started in the 60 MInutes segment, "The Pot Vote," which aired Oct. 30.

He visits Los Suenos Farms, a huge outdoor grow operation in Pueblo, and mostly zeroes in on negatives, such as babies born with THC in their systems, emergency room visits, drugged driving and the continued existence of the black market. Sanjay Gupta, he's not.

On the positive side, Colorado Gov. John HIckenlooper reports that marijuana sales brought in $141 million in taxes in 2015. "I feel confident now that I'm not trying to turn back the clock," says the gov who opposed legalization in 2012. "Even with the problems we have and the challenges, I think we might be able to do this." 

But Hickenlooper remains cautious about other states following Colorado's lead: "I'm not so confident that I'm telling the other states, 'Yeah, go for it. This is gonna be a slam dunk.'"

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Steve Bloom

Steve Bloom

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