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TV Review: CNBC's 'The Profit: Marijuana Millions'

CNBC is back with another pot program as The Profit host Marcus Lemonis turns his attention to the cannabis industry in California. Watch Marijuana Millions Thursdays at 10 pm EST.

Lemonis visits a number of marijuana businesses and assesses their viability and prospects. Episode 1 begins in Desert Hot Springs. He goes to cultivator Cannadescent and meets their CEO Adrian Sedland. Also, Mayor Scott Matus explains how the cannabis industry is keeping the city in the black. Later, Leonis returns to the area and hits two more grow facilities, Freedom Flower and CLS Brand Labs. The latter's owner Dan Osborne admits to voting against Prop 64, yet he expects to make major revenues when it goes into full effect next year.

A running story is the small edibles business, Treat Yourself, owned by Cindy Pinzon and Leone Posod. They make a mildly loaded vegan pop tart and do several demos at shops like Med Men in Los Angeles, where self-assured Med Men CEO Adam Bierman leads Lemonis on a tour.

The host heads to Oakland next: he stops by canna-chocolatier Kiva Confections and the delivery service Stashtwist, which is run by an African-American woman, Andrea Unsworth. The final segment is with a black market dealer in LA.

After just one episode, Marijuana Millions is the best financial-themed canna-show on TV since the Green Rush started in 2014.

CNBC's other marijuana series are Weed Country (2013), Marijuana in America: Colorado Pot Rush (2014), Marijuana Country: The Cannabis Boom (2015)

Steve Bloom

Steve Bloom

Publisher of, former editor of High Times and Freedom Leaf and co-author of Pot Culture and Reefer Movie Madness.