Bill Maher Rips Pax and Vape Pens on 'Real Time'

Bill Maher is this generation's George Carlin. He's political, of course, but is also a great social commentator. Of marijuana he knows and often expresses his opinions about pot on HBO's Real Time. Maher's latest canna-gripe was directed at vaporizers in a New Rule about what he calls "reverse improvements."

He started off by agreeing with Donald Trump's contention that the Boeing jet crashes were due to...

Bill Maher with two Pax vaporizers on "Real Time"

Then Maher said this (cue to 1:17 above):

"The second most tragic example is my old vape, the Pax, I liked it a lot. I mean I would have if I was a pot smoker. Pax and I shared a lot of good times but then I fell victim to the upgrade bug. The new modeldoesn’t have a mouthpiece, which is an odd thing to get rid of for something you stick in your mouth. You can’t suck it and that sucks. It was perfectly fine as it was and now it’s so hard to use this thing I’m this close to watching Morning Joe not stoned. This what I call reverse improvement, making an upgrade that nobody wants, needs or likes. They do it with vape pens too. Press five times to turn off, press three times... listen, I’m here to have fun, not read instruction manuals. The last thing you want to do when you’re high is figure shit out. Never get stoned before assembling IKEA furniture."

CelebStoner is reaching out to Pax for a comment and will updat this post soon.

Steve Bloom

Steve Bloom

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