'Weeds' Reboot Moves Back to Showtime

Pot Pin-up: Mary Louise Parker starred as Nancy Botwin on "Weeds" from 2005-2012.

In 2019, news broke that a Weeds sequel starring Mary Louise Parker in her familiar role as pot dealing housewife Nancy Botwin was in the works. After landing at Lionsgate and Starz, the deal has moved to Showtime, the series' original home.

Deadline's Nellie Andreeva reports: "The Weeds revival would be written and executive produced by Christian Torpe, creator of the popular Danish series Rita, and would feature Nancy (Parker) in Copenhagen, I hear."

However, former cast member Justin Kirk counters in an interview with Variety: "I know they were talking about it, about what it could possibly be. I had heard rumors of various iterations. Once, I heard about it being a prequel with younger characters, and then you just see us in flash forwards. So I have no idea. Although weirdly enough, I did recently hear of it again, so they may be trying to drag its tired carcass out.”

He added: “There are a million things that are claimed to be in some sort of development. My agents haven’t mentioned it to me in a long time. Maybe they’re going to recast [Andy].”

Weeds ended its eight-season run on Showtime in 2012. By then lead character, Nancy Botwin (played by Parker), had started her own cannabis cafe. The Weeds sequel will be set 10 years after the show ended in the era of legalization. Creator Jenji Kohan is not involved with the project.

Lionsgate CEO Jon Feltheimer commented in 2019: "We’re thrilled to be back in business with series star and producer Mary Louise Parker on what we’re calling ‘Weeds 4.20,’ already in active development at Starz, as we prepare a comprehensive and integrated rollout for one of television’s most beloved properties," .

Weeds received 20 Emmy nominations, but only won twice in lesser categories. It peaked in 2009 with six noms, including Outstanding Comedy Series, Lead Actress in a Comedy Series (Parker) and Supporting Actress in a Comedy Series (Elizabeth Perkins).

The cast also included Kirk, Romany Malco, Hunter Parish, Alexander Gould, Kevin Nealon, Demián Bichir, Guillermo Diaz, Tonye Patano and Andy Milder.

The original eight seasons are available on Netflix.


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Steve Bloom

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