Netflix Review: 'Cooked with Cannabis' Competition Series

TV shows about cooking weed tend to come and go. The latest is Cooked with Cannabis, on Netflix.

It follows a similar formula to Cooked and canna-themed competition shows like Bong Appetít and Cooking on High. In this case, the hosts are R&B singer Kelis and chef Leather Storrs. Each episode (there are six) has a theme (comfort food, international, the future) and three contestants, who are tasked with creating appetizers, entrees and desserts for the hosts and a panel of rotating guests (mostly L.A.-based comedians and athletes). The goal is to win $10,000 and notoriety.

One of the more creative uses of a fan leaf on "Cooked with Cannabis": pressing it into a tortilla,

Of course, they all cook with cannabis, used mostly as oils and concentrates. One innovative use of flower involves lighting it and adding the smoke to a covered dish.

The panel gets progressively stoned as they await the courses. Actor Michael Rapaport is particularly funny in his appearance. Other panelists include ex-NBA players John Salley and Nate Robinson, Too Short, Elle King and Ricki Lake.

Kelis and Leather Storrs, hosts of "Cooked with Cannabis"

Hosts Kelis and Storrs have good chemistry. Both are pretty well versed on cannabis lingo and phrases. Pop-ups on screen describe THC and CBD and identify strains. 

As these types of shows go, Cooked with Cannabis is the best so far.


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Steve Bloom

Steve Bloom

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