Discovery Channel Chronicles Jim Belushi's Entry into Cannabis in New Series

Jim Belushi, younger brother of John, plays harmonica and grows weed. He's also an actor, which made him a great candidate for the new reality series Growing Belushi on Discovery Channel (Wednesdays, 10 pm ET).

After Oregon legalized marijuana in 2014, the former Saturday Night Live cast member and Blues Brother purchased 83 acres near Medford and began growing cannabis under the Belushi's Private Vault name. Six strains are currently available at 14 Oregon shops.

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The first episode introduces viewers to the cast - his partner and several workers - and the farm where hundreds of plants are growing in greenhouses. One particular strain, Captain Jack, is the main focus. It's being grown by its breeder - Captain Jack himself, who provided pot for the SNL cast for years - and willl fetch a hefty price when it's done. Unfortunately, Belushi sabotages that plan when he doesn't follow basic cannabis cultivation rules.

Jim Belushi on his pot farm in Medford, Oregon

There's an intervention by his family that appears to be entirely scripted. Most family members, except for his daughter Jamie, disagree with his involvement in the cannabis industry. On the other hand, Jamie suggests he expand with a line of Blues Brothers products.

Since Belushi's an actor, it makes sense to follow a script. The other cast members, however, are amateurs. Belushi pretty much has the stage to himself, wailing on harmonica as he works.

Next episode: Belushi goes to Colombia with Harborside Health's Steve DeAngelo.

Steve Bloom

Steve Bloom

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