CelebStoner + Curved Papers' Roach Clips Movie Contest

The Contest

The object of the contest was to identify scenes where rolling papers are used in movies by leaving comments here and at FacebookTwitter and Instagram. The contest launched on September 15.


The Prizes

Grand Prize: One box of Curved Papers (24 packs in the box, value: $44), one Curved Papers purple t-shirt and one CelebStoner sticker.

All entries receive a a free pack at Curved Papers.

The winner was selected on September 23 by a panel of 11 judges. The panelists rated each clip from 1-10. The clip with the most point won.

The Grand Prize winner is Dee Hailey Raney of Muskogee, Oklahoma.


The Judges 

Michael Aldrich

Michelle Aldrich

Joy Beckerman

Steve Bloom  

Kym Byrnes

Dr. Mary Clifton

Michael O'Malley

Ronit Pinto

Dave Rheins

Nancy Udell

Stu Zakim


The Official Entries

Easy Rider (1969)

88 points - WINNER 

Submitted by Dee Hailey Raney

Peter Fonda (Wyatt) rolls as Jack Nicholson (George) watches during the famous campfire scene in "Easy Rider." In the clip below, Dennis Hopper (Billy) sees a UFO.

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Friday (1995)

84 points 

Submitted by Michelle Aldrich

Chris Tucker (Smokey) rolls as Ice Cube (Craig) looks on in "Friday."

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Inherent Vice (2014) 

70 points

Submitted by Casey Leigh

Joaquin Phoenix (Doc) writes the name of his girlfriend Shasta on a paper and rolls in "Inherent Vice." In the video below, James Brolin (Bigfoot) smokes Doc’s joint.

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Pineapple Express (2008)

68 points

Submitted by Mike Crawford

A rolling tray with Zig-Zag papers and the cross joint opens the scene. James Franco (Saul Silver) and Seth Rogen (Dale Denton) are best buds in "Pineapple Express."

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The Round Up (1920)

67 points

Submitted by Damion DaCosta

Roscoe "Fatty" Arbuckle (Sheriff Hoover) rolls a cigarette with one hand in "The Round Up."


Poltergeist (1982)

65 points

Submitted by Keith Saunders

Craig T. Nelson (Steve) rolls and then tosses the stash box to JoBeth Williams (Diane) who also rolls in "Poltergeist."


The Harder They Come (1972)

63 points

Submitted by Tom Martin

Carl Bradshaw (Jose) rolls joints for Jimmy Cliff (Ivanhoe) in "The Harder They Come."

Cue to the 58-minute mark:

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Being John Malkovich (1999)

62 points

Submitted by Ellen Komp

Catherine Keener (Maxine) rolls as John Cusack (Craig) and Cameron Diaz (Lotte) watch in "Being John Malkovich."


The Karate Kid (1984)

62 points

Submitted by Nancy Udell

William Zabka (Johnny) in a skeleton costume rolls in a bathroom stall in "The Karate Kid." In the video below, Ralph Macchio (Daniel) is dressed as a shower.


Scary Movie 2 (2001)

56 points 

Submitted by Grayce Benesh

Marlon Wayans gets rolled in "Scary Movie 2."


Unofficial Entries

Lighting Strikes Twice (1951)

93 points

Mercedes McCambridge (Liza McStringer) rolls a cigarette with one hand in "Lightning Strikes Twice."


Rolling Papers (2015)

85 points

The Cannabist’s Brittany Driver rolls in "Rolling Papers." In the video below, Ry Prichard inspects a bud.

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Igby Goes Down (2002)

75 points

Clare Danes (Sookie) rolls in "Igby Goes Down." In the clip below, Kieran Culkin (Igby) talks to Sookie.


More Rolling Scenes 


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