CNBC Returns to Denver, Touts 'Green Mile' Businesses

Marcus Lemonis (right) in Love’s Oven kitchen with staffer and large bags of trim for infusing

CNBC's Marcus Lemonis can't roll a joint, but can tell cannabis business stories. In the latest episode of his new series Streets of Dreams, he focuses on Denver's Green Mile, where companies selling pot products and services thrive. 

Filmed pre-Covid and hence before the 2020 election, Lemonis interviews dispensary owner Wanda James (Simply Pure), edibles maker Peggy Moore (Love's Oven), grower Josh Haupt (Super Farm), former Denver Bronco Terrell Davis (Defy), Blue Moon's Keith Villa (Ceria Brewing), entrepreneur Danny Schaefer (My 420 Tours) and, lastly, Denver Mayor Michael B. Hancock.

Lemonis tries to be Anthony Bourdain when he attempts to roll a joint (poorly) and does some weight training with Davis. But mostly he hypes the burgeoning industry with comments like "they're onto something here" and "it won't be stopped anytime soon."

Since James calls Hancock "anti-cannabis," Lemonis decides to ask the Mayor for himself. While he opposed passage of Amendment 64 in 2012 that legalized marijuana, Hancock now admits "the sky hasn't fallen" since legal sales began in 2014.

Mayor Hancock: "My regret is we didn't think of social equity going into it. Today there are people making millions of dollars on our industry that put hundreds of thousands of our people behind bars. We've got to find a way to give them the opportunity to get in there as well. They deservee that."

Streets of Dreams airs Tuesdays at 10 pm ET on CNBC. Cue to 4:20 in the trailer below. CNBC has been covering the Green Rush since 2014.


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