Larry David Makes Edibles Joke on 'Curb Your Enthusiasm'

It's a been a while since Larry David has mentioned cannabis on his HBO show, Curb Your Enthusiasm.

In the current Season 11, the second episode ("Angel Muffin") focuses mostly on the casting of "Young Larry," a TV show about David's early years. The producer decides L.A. rocker Dylan O'Brien (a real person) would be perfect for the part.

Larry David and Jeff Garlin hold their ears and grimace at the Dylan O’Brien concert on "Curb Your Enthusiasm." (Image via HBO)

So, David and his manager Jeff Garlin go to see O'Brien in concert. Immediately, both act like alter cockers (Yiddish for old people), complaining about the noise. Backstage, David picks a fight with O'Brien, basically telling him his music sucks. 

Larry David and Jeff Garland backstage with Dylan O’Brien and his dog on "Curb Your Enthusiasm." (Image via HBO)

"I've got to be honest," O'Brien says, begging off, "I took an edible right after the show ended and it's starting to kick in. So, I kind of need to get into my zone right now - do some yoga, take some MDMA."

David: You sure you didn't take that edible before the show?

O'Brien: Get the fuck out of here!


Previoiusly on "Curb Your Enthusiasm" 

Considered one of the Top 10 Curb episodes of all time, "The Car Pool Lane" from 2004 (Season 4, Episode 6) features David buying weed for his father who has glaucoma.

Street dealer: I can get you an ounce of like some real, you know, hydroponic scientific stuff. But that'll run you 500 bucks.

David: Hydroponic?

Dealer: Yeah.

David: I'm not looking for a sound system, my friend. You know what I mean? I'm just trying to get my father some relief.

Dealer: Let's play it safe. I'll give you an ounce of schwag.

David: Schwag.

Dealer: It will cost you 200 bucks.

David: An ounce of schwag, 200.

Dealer: 200.

David: Is that a fair price you're quoting me, sir?

Dealer: Look, you pay 200 bucks or you go fuck yourself.

David: OK.

Dealer: I don't need to sell the drugs, the drugs will sell themselves.

David: Sure.

Dealer: Let's forget it.

David: No, let's do schwag, 200. Schwag 200. I got it.

David consumates the deal. But things go awry and he loses the schwag bag at the Dodgers game and needs to get some more, which he ultimately does with the help of a prostitute. They all end at David's father's apartment (dad is played by Shelley Berman) and get stoned. But as his father has a great time laughing hysterically with the prostitute, David withdraws to the bathroom where he yells at himself. Clearly, David has some issues with cannabis.


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