Jonah Hill's Top 10 Stoniest Movies

Jonah Hill smokes the "Jeffrey" in "Get Him to the Greek" (left) and imitates Woody Harrelson in "This Is the End" (right).

The news that Jonah Hill would be playing Jerry Garcia in a band biopic directed by Martin Scorsese for Apple TV has sent the Deadhead world into a tizzy. Hill seems be be getting a thumb's up though some Twitter users made fun of the selection.

After small roles in stoner movies like Grandma's Boy, Knocked Up and The 40-Year-Old Virgin, Hill co-starred in Superbad in 2007 and his career took off. Here are Hill's stoniest movies from A-Z:


Get Him to the Greek - 2010

While Hill (Aaron Green) attempts to transport Russell Brand (rock star Aldous Snow) to his next show, they take a break and smoke the "Jeffrey" joint. Aaron immediately thinks he's having a heart attack and asks what's in it. "Weed mostly," Aldous says. "It's got a bit of opium in it. Heroin. Crunched-up E's. Methadone, Morphine. Peyote. Some other stuff that's unidentifiable. And I think a little bit of angle dust if I'm not mistaken. It's like a drug Neopolitan." Why's it called a Jeffrey? "Because who could be scared of a Jeffrey?" Aldous explains. P. Diddy, who plays Aaron's boss, also jumps in and exclaims: "Y'all need to take a hit of this Jeffrey. It will calm you down!"


Grandma's Boy - 2016

During the party scene, Hill (Barry) spends the whole time on the couch with a bare-chested woman lays on top of him, Linda Cardellini (Samantha) performs a risqué karaoke version of Salt-n-Pepa's "Push It" and Allen Covert (Alex) smokes a joint.


Knocked Up - 2007

Seth Rogen's friends in this Judd Apatow film include Hill (Jonah). In this scene, Martin (Martin Starr) offers Katherine Heigl (Alison) a toke while Jonah takes notes as he watches porn. "It's just another day at the office," he tells her. 


Strange Wilderness - 2008

This wacky road trip movie in search of Bigfoot features Hill (Lynn), who's part of the crew. In this scene, Justin Long (Junior) takes a bong hit in the RV before Hill makes up a song while playing acoustic guitar,


Superbad - 2007

Hill played Seth in his breakout role as a chubby teenager who's trying to fit in with the cool kids. He and his buds Evan (Michael Cera) and Fogell (Christopher MIntz-Plasse) conspire to bring alcohol to a big local party. So Fogell makes a fake ID with McLovin on it. The big drug scene features a bunch of guys doing coke as Evan serenades them with the Guess Who's "These Eyes." 


The Beach Bum - 2019

Matthew McConaughey (Moondog) smokes pot non-stop in this Harmony Korine film. In this scene, his manager Lewis (Hill) grabs Moondog's balls.


The Sitter - 2011

Hill (Noah) is recruited to babysit the kids of a sexy neighbor. She also asks him to acquire cocaine for a party she's going to. Noah takes the kids to her dealer Karl (Sam Rockwell). One of the kids steals a baby dinosaur egg filled with coke; the egg breaks and the powder covers Noah's face. 


The Wolf of Wall Street - 2013

In his Oscar nominated role as Donnie Azoff, partner of Wall Street hustler Jordan Belfort (Leonardo DiCaprio), Donnie and Jordan trip out on Quaaludes in the movie's most notorious scene.  Jordan can barely walk, but once he gets home and finds Donnie in the same state they fight and then Jordan saves Donnie, who's choking on food.


This Is the End - 2013

Hill and his friends Seth Rogen, James Franco, Danny McBride and Craig Robinson (they all play themselves) are at a party in L.A. when the apocalyse starts happening. They hole up at Franco's house as the world collapses around them. In one scene, they create a trailer for "Pineapple Express 2," with Hill impersonating Woody Harrelson while waving a bong. "I smoked weed with Steve Jobs," he says with a drawl, "and that's when he came up with the iPad."


War Dogs - 2016

Hill (Efraim) and Miles Teller (Dave) are arms dealers in this dark comedy directed by Todd Phillips (The Hangover trilogy). In this scene, Efraim tries to buy weed from some local dealers. When they attempt to rip him off, Efraim threatens them with machine gun fire.


Bonus: When Johan Hill Appeared in "Pot Culture" Smoking Out of an Apple

Excerpt courtesy of Abrams Image

Hill's featured in the 2007 book, Pot Culture: The A-Z Guide to Stoner Language & Life (co-written by the author of this article), making an appple pipe. "It's a delicious hit that tastes like apple-flavored smoke, and it's all natural," he noted. "This is Mother Nature's finest way to smoke marijuana." 


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