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TV Review: 'Red Widow'

Meet Marta Walraven, TV's new Nancy Botwin. Radha Mitchell stars as the Russian-American housewife who takes over her husband's Northern California smuggling business on ABC's druggy drama, "Red Widow."

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Sex, Drugs & 'Californication'

Hank went rock & roll in Season 6 of "Californication," which featured a brilliant turn by Tim Minchin as the coke-stiffing rock star, Atticus Fetch.

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TV Review: 'Weed Country'

Growers and law enforcers are at odds in Discovery Channel's "Weed Country," which takes place in California's ever-expanding Emerald Triangle. But after six episodes, what did we really learn?

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'Girls' on Coke

Hannah, played by Lena Dunaham on "Girls," did coke on a Season 2 episode. A few days earlier, Dunham, who created the hit HBO show, chastised Rihanna and Chris Brown for "posting a million photos of them smoking marijuana."

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The Stoniest TV Shows of 2012

In 2012, "Weeds" ended, and "Breaking Bad" and "Sons of Anarchy" ascended. From "Wilfred" to "Parenthood" to "The Daily Show," there was something for every stoner on the Doob Tube.

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