Review: Dr. Sanjay Gupta's 'Weed 6: Marijuana and Autism' on CNN

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Every few years CNN releases another hour-long Weed special hosted by Dr. Sanjay Gupta. The latest - Weed 6: Marijuana and Autism - is an unabashed salute to the medicinal powers of cannabis.

Kara Zartler suffers from severe autisim. She constantly hits herself. But with the help of cannabis, her impulsive urges slow down considerably. Several times her mother Christie says, "It's nothing short of a miracle."

This is the most dramatic case. Several other children - Ezra, Carlos and Jason - also benefit from the natural drug. Unlike in previous episodes, Gupta doesn't seek a counter point of view since there isn't one. Cannabis clearly works for these children and families (and not just CBD, but THC too). 

"CNN's 'Weed 6: Marijuana and Autism' is an unabashed salute to the medicinal powers of cannabis."

Republican State Rep. Stephanie Klick pushed to change the law in Texas and alow higher THC dosing than .05%. Her legislative efforts got that lifted to 1% rather than her proposed 5%. It's still an uphill battle for families like the Zartlers, who have to go to the illicit market for THC-laden cannabis in a state where it remains illegal. Christie says Kara was lost and now "instead she was found with the help of a plant." 

 Weed 6 will re-air on Dec. 24, 6pm ET and Dec. 29 at 9pm ET.


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