'South Park' Calls Out Lack of Diversity in Cannabis Industry in Latest Episode

Dinner at the Marshes with the Blacks in "South Park" (2022)

South Park's savage mockery of of Colorado's cannabis industry continues with Episode 2 ("The Big Fix") of Season 25. The new season picks up where Season 23 in 2019 left off when Randy launched his Tegridy Farms weed brand.

At the Cannabis Cultivation Expo in Denver, everyone attending "The Changing Face of Hemp Cultivation" is white. A speaker lets them know in no uncertain terms that equity is essential in cannabis and the industry needs to diversify immediately. "Many people are now talking about boycotting cannabis growers who are only white-owned," he says. "We are seeing a healthy and dramatic spike in consumers who demand that their marijuana be grown by those who understand the fight for social equity. The bottom line is this: A completely white-owned weed business these days just isn't going to survive."

Randy takes the advice to heart and invites one of the town's Black families, Steve and Linda Black, to dinner. 

At first Steve balks at Randy's overzealousness, telling him, "I don't believe in drinking or drugs." He refuses free weed after a tour of Randy's grow house. But then he accepts a job at Tegridy.

The other storyline is pure South Park: Randy's son Stan mistakenly calls the Blacks' son Token when it's really Tolkien, named after The Lord of the Rings author. This causes Stan much consternation as he desperately tries to apologize.


The final gag is the Blacks buy the farm next door to the Marshes and start the business Credigree Weed. "That's not even a word!" Randy screams even though his company's called Tegridy. "They stole my idea. They took everything I learned about using Blacks to make a bigger project and they're doing it themselves. You want a war, well, you've got one!"

A car drives up and goes right to the Credigree stand and not Tegridy's across the road. Randy tries to get them to buy his, but they want "street weed" and shop at Credigree instead.

"Tegridy Farm" is the title of Episode 4 in Season 22 in 2018. In Episode 1 ("Mexican Joker") of that season, Randy teams up with MedMen to oppose home growing so companies like theirs can have all the profits to themselves. Most of Season 23 is devoted to the growth of Tegridy Farms.

Last August, South Park co-creator Matt Stone teased that "I think we’re really for the first time going to bring Tegridy Weed into real life." Nothing has happened since. 


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Steve Bloom

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