Snoop Dogg Special on Netflix Features Blunt Smoking and Stand-Up Comedy

Snoop Dog with the stand-up comics on his Netflix special, "F*cn Around."

Snoop Dogg sits side stage smoking blunts as he intoduces six stand-up comedians in his F'cn Around Comedy Special on Netflix. Headliner Mike Epps reveals Snoop paid everyone "in weed." After every five-to-seven minute routine, the comic goes over and has a smoke with Snoop.

"I don't drink," he tells a surprised Guy Torrey. Snoop carries around a chalice cup, but it must be filled with Red Bull or Gatorade. Snoop does do ads for Corona. That would make a funny bit, but no on touches it in this hour-long show recorded at the Hollywood Palladium as part of the Netflix Is a Joke festival.

Be forewarned the n-word is used liberally (every other sentence), women are called bitches by the male comics and "pussy" and "titties" are bandied about like it's a strip club and not a comedy stage. Female performer Melanie Comarcho is quick to dish right back; she's the only women in the cast. 

Epps talks about how his balls are tight in leather pants. Donnell Rawlins from Chappelle's Show has little to offer but X-rated comments. Torrey and Delray Davis fare better. Katt Williams, who has his own special currrently on Netflix, opens the show. "The first time we met I wasn't famous so you couldn't remember who the fuck I was," he reminds Snoop. "But you treated me nice, which was helpful to me."

Besides puffing blunt after blunt, Snoop performs snippets from "Gin and Juice" and "Ain't Nuthin' But a 'G' Thang," but mostly sits back and laughs at his friends' jokes, which if you can get past some of the racy language, are pretty funny.


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Steve Bloom

Steve Bloom

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