Harrison Ford Eats Gummy Bears in 'Shrinking' Episode

Paul (Harrison Ford) to Liz (CHrista Miller): "I’m too high for this shit." Liz to Paul: "I’m not high enough."

Paul (CelebStoner Harrison Ford) has Parkinson's on the Apple TV+ comedy series Shrinking. It's not funny but is played for laughs when Liz (Christa Miller) gives Paul a container of "Stankadelic" 100 mg cannabis-infused gummy bears in Episode 6.

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"These really help with anxiety and tremors," she says. "Best case scenario: It helps. Worst case scenario: You'll get a little high and buy another one of those hats." He' wearing a straw fedora and accepts the gift.

Paul's stressing that his daughter, who he just told about the condition, will start taking over his care. At home, he eats several of the gummies and then arrives at a party at his psychiatry colleague Jimmy's house. (Jimmy, the lead character, is played by Jason Segal.)

Paul reaches for the Stankadelic gummies tin.

Paul's tripping. "I can't believe I used to do this for fun," he tells Liz, who also took a few. "I am parched." He requests a popsicle. His second munchie wish is "something crunchy and cheese flavored." After JImmy throws up while singing "You Are So Beautiful," Paul pouts, "I'm too high for this shit." To which Liz replies: "I'm not high enough."

It's just fun to see the 81-year-old legendary actor play stoned. For years, many in Hollywood hinted that Ford enjoyed weed, but didn't want to blow his cover. This Shrinking episode kind of does that.

In Episode 7, Paul wakes at the next morning on Jimmy's couch with a bag of Doritos on his chest. "Fucking Liz's evil gummies ambushed me," Paul grumbles. "I got drunk and stoned last night."

Shrinking also features Jesscia Williams, Luke Tennie, Lukita Mawell, Ted McGinley and Heidi Gardner. New episodes stream on Fridays.

This article was posted on Feb. 27, 2023. It has been updated.


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