TV Review: Season 3, Eps. 4-6 of 'Growing Belushi' on Discovery+

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Growing Belushi starring Jim Belushi is back for Season 3 on Discovery+.

The basic premise of the series is the comic actor moved to Oregon several years ago and launched a cannabis company on the farm property he purchased in Medford. Belushi tries to keep things fun and light until a fire burned down the barn last season. Season 3 begins with an investigation of the fire. Ep. 2 focuses on expanding the Belushi's Farm and Blues Brothers brands outside of Oregon. In Ep. 3, he goes strain hunting.

The main characters are Jim, his cousin Chris Karakosta, fellow comic actor Larry Joe Campbell and COO Gia Accurso.

We reviewed the first three episodes here.


Jim Belushi plays the blues harp at Joliet Correctional Center in Illinois.

Ep. 4: "Sweet Home Chicago"

Belushi returns to the Windy City, where he and his older brother John were born. He goes to his old block and to Lake Michigan. "I've fallen in love on this beach about six or seven times," he reminisces.

Jim and Chris are in Illinois for two reasons: a cultivation faciilty in Shelbyville they're remodeling and a Blues Brothers concert at the same Joliet Correctional Center where Joliet Jake (john) and Elwood (Dan Aykroyd) were imprisoned.

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After assessing what the facility needs, they go to MJBiz Con and buy some equipment. "I'll do my gypsy dance and make a deal here and a deal there," he predicts.

They all wait to see if the plants will pass Illinois' strict testing regs. At the prison, there's no engagement with the prisoners and the Blues Brothers are seen on stage without performing any songs.

While Jim and Chris are away, Larry predictably causes more problems at the farm, this time with a backhoe.

Jim reprises his Prof. Belushi schtick in a brief lesson about oils and Discovery news reporter Chris Jacobs hypes their new series for stoners, High Science


Belushi’s Farm in Medford, Oregon

Ep. 5: "Can't Be Two Places at Once"

Larry is the star of Episode 5. While Jim and Chris deal with morale problems at the Farm, Larry is sent to Mississippi to meet with a team there that's interested in working with Belushi's cannabis brands. "Never doubt an improvisational actor," Belushi says about his pal Larry Joe Campbell, who was part of the According to Jim cast. 

"'Growing Belushi' is a deep dive into one cannabusiness that's struggling to survive in a heavily regulated industry."

Jim and Chris decide a joint rolling contest among the workers will relieve stress, but it only causes more problems because none of the women on their team know how to roll a joint (thanks to preolls). Mostly this is played for laughs as are Larry's efforts to show he can seal a deal.

In next week's final episode, Jim and Chris travel to Albania, where the Belushi family is from.


Jim Belushi in Tirana, Albania

Ep. 6:  "Coming to Albania"

Jim and Chris top off a season of expansion with a trip to Albania, their home country. "Our dads left Albania in the 1930s," Chris explains. "Both came to Chicago."

Jim provides a primer on Albanian history: "Five hundred years of Ottoman Empire rule and 50 years of [Enver} Hoxha, the worst Communist dictator the world has ever seen. This place was a prison for 50 years. No religion, no churches, nothing. If you got caught practising - 10 years in jail. This country was nothing. Look at it now!"

In the capital Tirana, they meet with Prime Minister Edi Rama, who tells them: "We are finalizing legislation. We want to start with medical. You are far ahead of us, we are behind you. I want you to be a pioneer here, to start cultivating, to show by your example that this can be done. This could be real good for the economy, real good for the people." Jim mentions their family properties in Qyteze. "You can make something substantial there for growing," Rama adds.

The PM  jokes in Albanian to Chris (Jim doesn't understand): "Grow the crops and then cut out this silly actor."

Jim and Chris drive to Qyteze, about four hours south, to check out the property and survey the farmland in the mountainous area. The climate is suitable for a six-to-seven month outdoor grow season. They decide to give it a try.

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Back at the farm in Oregon, Larry has to deal with a 600-pound dried cannabis surplus. 

There's a surprise coda about Season 4 that we won't give away.


Season 3 Summary

Following his third divorce, Jim hits the road with Chris, visiting cities all over the U.S. (and even Albania) seeking new opportunities outside of Oregon. It's a deep dive into one cannabusiness that's struggling to survive in a heavily regulated industry.

Jim and Chris constantly bicker about little things like sweaters and underwear. Larry has a larger role filling in for them at the Farm to sometimes hilarious results.


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