Review: 'Neighbors' Stars Seth Rogen and Rose Byrne Reunite for 'Platonic' Stoner Comedy Series on Apple TV+

Rose Byrne and Seth Rogen in "Platonic" on Apple TV+

In Ep. 4 of  Platonic, the new series starring Seth Rogen and Rose Byrne on Apple TV+, Sylvia (Byrne) organizes a divorce party for Will (Rogen) during which - spoiler alert - she snorts a combo of cocaine and ketamine called CK. 

Dosed by Will's brewpub business partner Andy (Tre Hale), Sylvia first asks, "Am I going to die?" and then declares, "I'm not happy about this." Will and Sylvia go to a convenience store where she falls several times and breaks a bottle of wine. Back at Will's place as Sylvia recovers on his couch, he philosophizes: "If you can crawl out of a K-hole, you can crawl out of any hole."

In Ep. 5, Sylvia, Charlie and Will argue about the ketamine incident when Sylvia admits she did "a small amount" and then "slept it off." 

Incensed, Charlie says to Will, "You gave my wife ketamine?"

"In my defense," he responds, "I thought it was cocaine."

Created by Nicholas Stoller, Platonic reunites Rogen and Byrne who appeared in both Neighbors movies which Stoller directed. Unlike in Neighbors, Rogen and Byrne are not married to each other. Sylvia's married to Charlie (Luke Macfarlane) and Rogen's freshly divorced, hence the "Divorce Party" title of Ep. 4. When Sylvia hears about Will's divorce, she reaches out to her old bestie and they start palling around again. 

Both are having mid-life crises. Will's in the throes of divorce and Sylvia, a lawyer like Charlie, is bored after 12 years of raising two kids and being a housewife. Will reminds her how to have fun again, even if he's depressed.

Surprisingly, no joints have been smoked so far. However, in Ep. 1, Will offers Sylvia a "weed gummy," which she gladly gobbles.

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