On 'Abbott Elementary': 'Janine Smokes Weed Everyday'

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ABC's Golden Globe winning comedy series Abbott Elementary goes to pot in Season 3's Episode 4 called "Smoking."

The impactful scene takes place in the break room of the Black grade school based in Philadelphia.

Afer being accused of vaping cannabis, Jacob (Chris Perfetti) points his finger at Janine (Quinta Brunson):

"Janine smokes weed everyday."

"Not every day," she objects. "Every night."

Barbara (Sheryl Lee Ralph) bellows: "Reefer, Ganja. Devil's Lettuce."

Janine further explains:

"It's medicinal. And it's considerate. If I didn't smoke, I'd be an insufferable energizer bunny."

Gregory (Tyler James Williams) calls Ava (Janelle James) "a hookah addict," to which she replies: "Facts. And microdosing. I just eyeball it and say, 'Enough.'"

However, Gregory admits, "I don't smoke, but I do enjoy a protein-bar edible on the weekend."

Ava laughs that off: "This man just made drugs boring."

Melissa (Lisa Ann Walker) chimes in about using CBD and the scene ends with Mr. Johnson (William Stanford Davis) mentioning "hitting a blunt."

There's a lot to unpack here, but most importantly, a network program has weighed in on marijuana somewhat positively, which is rare. Brunson, who's won several lead acting awards for the show, is an important figure in Hollywood. Her characer admiting use is major. The rest of the jokes in the scene are superfluous and the references to microdosing and weed protein bars make little sense.

The next new episode airs March 10. 



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