Stoner Comedy Series: 'High Hopes' on Hulu

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Seven years after the failure of the dispensary sit-com Disjointed on Netflix comes High Hopes, a reality weed series executive produced by Jimmy Kimmel and his company Kimmelot for Hulu. It take a a similar approach, while focusing on an actual Hollywood pot shop, MMD, rather than a fictional one like in Disjointed, which starred Kathy Bates.

The six-episode series features a cast of unknowns except for Freddie Miller, who Kimmel discovered in 2020 on a TV news clip the day legal cannabis sales began in Michigan. Freddie was first on line and ended up being interviewed by Kimmel several times. He certainly looks the stoner part, wearing tie-dyes, headbands and long hair, plus Freddie has a goofy guffaw like Seth Rogen. His best bud on the show is Uriel Valenzuela, who's an MMD employee.

The store's owned by Belarus-born brothers Mishka and Slava Ashbel. The rest of the cast includes budtenders Dani Martin, Jared Brady and Margan Chanel Lee, and Mishka's wife Sumilya Islam.

The pilot episode (watch below) is purely introductory. We quickly learn about rivalries within the small company, which Mishka imagines will someday be as big as Walmart.

High Hopes is the first cannabis-themed streaming series since Growing Belushi on Discovery+. 



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