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The Stoned Comic Genius of Harold Ramis

Stoner-movie pioneer Harold Ramis co-wrote "Animal House," directed "Caddyshack" and "Club Paradise," and co-starred with Bill Murray in "Stripes" and the two "Ghostbusters" films..

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Movie Review: 'Dallas Buyers Club'

A most pertinent tale of survival at any cost and risk in the age of medical bureaucrats and insurance cartels, starring Matthew McConaughey as AIDS victim Ron Woodroof.

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The Stoniest TV Shows of 2013

It was a big year on the Doob Tube. "Breaking Bad" and "Eastbound & Down" ended their runs, Wilfred kept hitting the bong, and Dr, Sanjay Gupta admitted he was wrong about pot.

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Movie Review: 'Inside Llewyn Davis'

The latest Coen Brothers movie travels back to 1961 when folk music was the big thing. "Inside Llewyn Davis" does a terrific job depicting the pre-rock era. It's too bad the main character's such a bummer.

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TV Review: 'Bonnie & Clyde'

One of the most acclaimed movies of the '60s, "Bonnie & Clyde," gets a TV update with Emile Hirsch and Holliday Grainger in the lead roles.

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