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'Mad Men' Season 6: Smells Like Reefer

It's 1968 on "Mad Men," and the show is totally embracing the emerging marijuana culture. In the Season 6 opener, Megan and Don get stoned in Hawaii, and pot smoking has become rampant at the office.

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TV Review: 'Red Widow'

Meet Marta Walraven, TV's new Nancy Botwin. Radha Mitchell stars as the Russian-American housewife who takes over her husband's Northern California smuggling business on ABC's druggy drama, "Red Widow."

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Sex, Drugs & 'Californication'

Hank went rock & roll in Season 6 of "Californication," which featured a brilliant turn by Tim Minchin as the coke-stiffing rock star, Atticus Fetch.

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TV Review: 'Weed Country'

Growers and law enforcers are at odds in Discovery Channel's "Weed Country," which takes place in California's ever-expanding Emerald Triangle. But after six episodes, what did we really learn?

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'Girls' on Coke

Hannah, played by Lena Dunaham on "Girls," did coke on a Season 2 episode. A few days earlier, Dunham, who created the hit HBO show, chastised Rihanna and Chris Brown for "posting a million photos of them smoking marijuana."

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