Matt Riddle Dumped by UFC

Matt Riddle
Matt Riddle, who has a Nevada medical-marijuana card, says: ’I’m smoking so I can finally relax and just not worry about things,.’

Mixed martial arts fighter Matt Riddle was fired by the UFC (Ultimate Fighting Championship) on Feb. 26 after he tested positive for marijuana for the second time since July. Riddle has a medical-marijuana card in Nevada.

"I do smoke but I'm not smoking to get stoned," he says. "I'm smoking so I can finally relax, sit back and just not worry about things. People, maybe they did it in college one way, but for a guy like me, for a professional athlete that goes through what we go through, it’s medicine for me. Maybe for some little stoner sitting on the couch playing XBox, for him, it's a drug. For me, it's medicine."

Riddle had a record of 8-3 before his dismissal.

Steve Bloom

Steve Bloom

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