Yer Out! Stoner Umps and Refs on the Hot Seat

Brian Runge
Brian Runge is the first MLB ump to be fired for drug use.

Two sports officials have lost their jobs because of drug use. On June 14, MLB fired veteran umpire Brian Runge after he failed a drug test. On June 25, MMA referee Josh Rosenthal was sentenced for growing marijuana.

It is unclear which drug Runge had in his system. According to AP, "Runge failed at least one drug test, then reached an agreement so he could remain on the umpire roster. When he failed to comply with those terms, he was released."

Josh Rosenthal
MMA ref Josh Rosenthal

Hobbled with a knee injury, Runge hasn't umpired a regular season game since August 30. He's the first ump to be tossed out of baseball for drugs.

Last April, Rosenthal was charged with operating a warehouse in Oakland where more than 1,300 pot plants were found. He received a 37-month sentence.

Steve Bloom

Steve Bloom

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