Bills' Marcell Dareus Busted for Synthetic Pot

Defensive tackle Marcell Dareus was the third player taken in the 2011 NFL draft and was on the 2014 AFC Pro Bowl squad.

All-Pro defensive tackle Marcell Dareus was arrested for possession of synthetic marijuana ("Spice") after a traffic stop in Alabama on Monday.

Police pulled Dareus' vehicle over for speeding on I-20 in Cleburne Country near Heflin at 8:30 pm. It's unclear why they searched the car, but most likely it was due to a marijuana-like aroma. They charged him with felony possession of a controlled substance as well as possession of paraphernalia. Dareus was taken to the country jail and released on $3,000 bond later that night.

Alabama banned the synthetic substance that mimics the marijuana high in 2011.

Drafted third overall out of Alabama (where he's from) by Buffalo in 2011, Dareus has averaged 35 tackles and six sacks during his three seasons in the pros. The 6-3, 330-pound lineman was added  the 2014 Pro Bowl lineup as an injury replacement.

Dareus joins Jets receiver Kellen Winslow Jr. who was caught with AB-Fubinaca, a compound found in synthetic marijuana blends last year.

Steve Bloom

Steve Bloom

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