Yankees Reliever Suspended for Positive Pot Test

Alfredo Aceves pitched for the Yankees in their 2009 championship season. He’ll sit out 50 games in this one.

Major League Basball rarely bans players for marijuana, but Yankees pitcher Alfredo Aceves has been caught in a loophole that will cost him 50 games.

During a recent stint at the Yankees' minor squad in Scranton, Aceves failed a drug test for pot. Since it was his second violation, the league nailed him with the suspension. Had he been with the Yankees and failed the test, he wouldn't have been suspended. The major and minor leagues have different rules for "drugs of abuse."

According to the MLB website: "Minor Leaguers are given a warning after a first positive test for a drug of abuse the first. Second offenses result in a 50-game suspensions, and third offenses are punished by a 100-game ban. Major League Baseball lists cocaine, marijuana, heroin, LSD, ecstasy and other opiates as 'drugs of abuse,' although they do not specifically name the drug for which Aceves or any other offender tests positive."

Aceves was sent to Scranton after compiling a 1-2 record with a 6.52 ERA with the Yankees. The Mexican-born pitcher began his career with the Yankees in 2008. He's since played with the Red Sox and Orioles before returning to New York in March. Aceves was a member of the Yankees' 2009 championship team.

Steve Bloom

Steve Bloom

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