Boom: Colts RB Rocks Pot Socks

USA Today posted this photo of "Boom" Herron in his "pot socks."

Buckeye leaf stickers on OSU helmet.

Ohio State grad Daniel "Boom" Herron still has a thing for the Buckeyes. After the Colts' 26-10 wildcard victory over the Bengals on Sunday, the running back donned socks with leaves that look like marijuana, similar to the ones that appear on OSU players' helmets.

That leaf on the helmets is actually from the Buckeye tree (Aesculus glabra), which produces nuts. The leaves won't get you high, but stickers that resemble the leaf are routinely applied to helmets when OSU players do something particularly well, like score a touchdown.

The Buckeye tree leaf.

Herron would've earned a sticker for his performance in Indianapolis over Cincinnati: 12 runs for 56 yards and one touchdown, Originally drafted in the sixth round by the Bengals, Herron signed as a free agent with the Colts in 2013. He had his best season this year, amassing 351 yards on the ground.

Next Saturday, Indianapolis travels to Denver for the second-round playoff contest in the Mile High City. Herron's socks will be appreciated.

Meanwhile, the Buckeyes meet Oregon in the BCS Bowl to determine the best college football team in the country on Jan. 12.

Steve Bloom

Steve Bloom

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