Following Year-Long Ban for Drug Abuse, NBA's Jalen Harris Signs with Knicks

Banned NBA hoopster Jalen Harris

Update: More than a year after he was suspended by the NBA for violating the league's drug abuse policy, guard Jalen Harris has signed with the New York Knicks

The former Toronto Raptor guard was banned for one year in 2021. The NBA did not say which drug or drugs were the cause; the possiblities include cocaine, meth, heroin and prescriptions like Xanax and Oxycodone.

The NBA rarely punishes players in this fashion. Previous one-year or multi-years drug suspendees include Tyreke Evans (2019), O.J. Mayo (2016) and Chris Anderson (2006).  

The NBA has not tested for cananbis in the last two years.

Harris was drafted by the Raptors in 2020 in the second round out of the University of Nevada - Reno. He only played 13 games in his rookie season, averaging 7.4 ppg. 

"It’s not quite clear who these policies of prohibition benefit," Jasmin Duale writes at Yahoo. "Punishment beyond counselling and a rehab-focused suspension can read as cruel."

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