Kevin Durant on Weed in the NBA: 'Everybody Does It'

Kevin Durant wearing a Jamaican tam and possibly smoking a spliff (via ClutchPoints) and in Phoenix Suns uniform (via AP)

It doesn't take much to get Kevin Durant talking about this favorite plant. At Boardroom's Game Plan sports business conference on July 25 in Los Angeles, the NBA hoopster said about marijuana use in thee NBA:

"Everybody does it, to be honest. It's like wine at this point."

Durant had a role in convincing commissioner Adam Silver to end drug testing for pot by the NBA. He literally called Silver "advocating for him to take marijuana off the banned substances list." Durant's been saying this since at least 2020.

When the Phoenix Suns forward met with Silver, Durant said, "He smelled it when I walked in. So I didn't really have to say much, you know what I'm saying? He kind of understood where this was going...It's the NBA, man."

Durant added:

"I just felt like it was becoming a thing around the country, around the world... The stigma behind it wasn't as negative as it was before. It doesn't affect you in any negative way."

"I just enjoy the plant. It's as simple as that."

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Durant's business portfolio includes Boardroom and the investment firm Thirty Five Ventures. He's also associated witn Weedmaps, Dutchie and Canopy Rivers. His partner is Rich Kleiman.

Durant was traded from Brooklyn to Phoenix in February. During his 16-year NBA career he's played in Seattle, Oklahoma City, San Francisco and Phoenix. Durant won championships with Golden State in 2017 and 2018 and was the league's MVP in 2014.

Steve Bloom

Steve Bloom

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