In Eva Hassmann's 'Willie and Me,' a Fan Chases Her Dream

Willie Nelson and "Willie and Me" star and director Eva Hassmann duet and the movie poster

There spoilers in this review.

Written, directed by and starring Eva Hassmann, Willie and Me on Prime Video is a unexpected delight.

As a child, Greta Weingarten had a thing for Willie Nelson. She wore cowboy hats and fixated on his country music. What makes this unusual is she's German.

As an adult, Greta's married to August Helseg (Thure Riefenstein). They're upper class and owna  Porsche. However, on a whim, Greta decides to fly to America to attend what is supposedly Nelson's final concert ever in Las Vegas. To afford the trip, she sells the Porsche for EU$7,500. Greta also leaves a candle burning that sets the kitchen on fire. August is understandly upset.

Eva Hassmaan tokes in "Wille & Me" as Blaine Gray looks on. (CelebStoner photo)

Greta lands in Los Angeles and immediately heads to a hotel where the front desk is occupied by none other than Peter Bogdanovich (as the vodka-swilling Charley) in his last role and she's befriended by an Elvis impersonator (Blaine Gray). Her first night in the U.S. doesn't go well as Greta gets drunk and is escorted back to her room by a stranger who steals her cash. Nick, the Elvis guy, comes to Greta's aid and lets her drive his pickup to Vegas. You know that's not going to go well and it doesn't.

On the wacky road trip a grizzled man in black sitting at a bar offers to take Greta the last leg to Vegas. By the time they arrive Willie & Family (including Bobbie Nelson who died in 2021) are on stage. She glimpses a few moments of the show and then has a nice meet & greet with Nelson that goes like this:

Greta: Your music gave me hope.

Willie [smiles and winks at her]: How did you like the concert?

Greta: I missed it.

Willie: Maybe it wasn't the last one anyway.

Nick tracks her down at the venue. Greta decides not to go home. She hits a joint in the pickup as they head back on the road again to the tune of "Roll Me Up and Smoke Me When I Die."

There are 21 Nelson songs on the soundtrack and even Eva gets to sing the last one with Willie.



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