Review: 'Surfer, Dude'

Jack (Woody Harrelson) to Steve (Matthew McConaughey): "Dude, you just harshed my morning mellow."

Fans of True Detective probably don't know that Woody Harrelson and Matthew McConaughey previously co-starred in Surfer, Dude, a stoner movie from 2008 about, well, a stoner dude.

McConaughey, who produced the film, portrays world-famous surf boarderĀ Steve Addington. He hangs out in Malibu with his stoner buds, smoking weed. Steve's manager, Jack Mayweather (Harrelson), wears tie-dyed shirts and talks in hippie-speak.

McConaughey tokes in "Surfer, Dude."

"Dude, as your manager, I'm telling you we've got financial worries, brah," he explains. "We've got to, like, fertilize the money tree so it can keep growing."

Jack sets up a deal for Steve with a video-game company, but Steve's not impressed. "I'm not some ass-clown in a green room," he complains. "I'm a surfer, dude."

Steve's friends with Farmer John (played by Willie Nelson), who shares some of his green product ("au natural") with an appreciative Steve.

The biggest issue in the movie is the lack of waves. Suddenly, the surf stops. Steve does a dance on the beach to help them return. Finally, they do.

But Jack isn't happy that Steve turned down the video-game deal. "Dude," Jack says with a wry smile, "you just harshed my morning mellow."

Watch Surfer, Dude here.

Steve Bloom

Steve Bloom

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