The Top 22 Stoner Movies of 2015


14. (Tie) I'll See You in My Dreams; Grandma

Senior citizens smoke pot too might be the tagline for these two films. In I'll See You in My Dreams, Blythe Danner plays a seventy-something widower who starts dating again 20 years after her husband's death. One night Carol and her friends (June Squibb, Rhea Perlman and Mary Kay Place) have a session. They, of course, get the munchies and go on a food-shopping expedition. It's all reminiscent of the scene in Saving Grace when two elderly ladies get loopy on weed.

Lily Tomlin is at her grouchy best in Gramdma. As Elle, she raises money for her granddaughter's abortion, confiscating a bag of weed from Sage's pot-leaf jersey wearing boyfriend along the way. Elle subsequently rolls up and smokes a doobie with old flame Karl (Sam Elliott, who also plays one of Danner's beaus in I'll See You in My Dreams). It's been a stellar year for Tomlin; she's nominated in Golden Globes Best Actress categories for Grandma and her Netflix show with Jane Fonda, Grace and Frankie.

Steve Bloom

Steve Bloom

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