The Top 22 Stoner Movies of 2015

8. Love & Mercy

Paul Dano is Beach Boy Brian Wilson in "Love & Mercy."

Paul Dano received rave reviews and numerous award nominations for his performance as Beach Boys leader Brian Wilson. He plays Wilson as a young man in Bill Pohlad's film; John Cusack portrays him in his waning middle-aged years. "The dramatic tension in the movie revolves around the abuse the younger Wilson gets from his father, and the cruelty inflicted by Dr. Eugene Landy, played with gleeful menace by Paul Giamatti," wrote CelebStoner reviewer Matt Chelsea. Prior to Landy doping Wilson up with pills, he was content to smoke pot and take LSD. "The drugs provide a backdrop for a strong story and performances," Chelsea concluded. Watch the trailer here.

Steve Bloom

Steve Bloom

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