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THe Joy of Cannabis

The Top 32 Stoner Movies of 2016

13. Orange Sunshine

The story of the Brotherhood of Eternal Love is the story of the '60s counterculture. Founded in Laguna Beach, California by a bunch of hippies, the Brotherhood would soon be known for hash smuggled from around the world and for arguably the best LSD ever created, hence the film's colorful title. Living Brotherhood members Michael Randall, Carol Griggs and Travis Ashbrook detail the events that lead them to become mass producers of acid and eventually the target of a law enforcement, who took the Brotherhood down with a sweeping bust in 1972, two years after they helped spring LSD guru Timothy Leary from jail (he was arrested for possessing a couple of roaches). Leary's lawyer Michael Kennedy reflects, "Were we crazy? No, it's because we believed in what we were doing and if it took us out for doing it we would've been taken out. It just didn't happen to us. It happened to a lot of other people." Kennedy passed away on Jan. 25.

Steve Bloom

Steve Bloom

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