'Friday' Celebrates 20th Anniversary with 4/20 Screenings

It's 20 years since Ice Cube became a bona fide movie star with his comedic turn in Gary Gray's "Friday." To celebrate the stoner film's anniversary, screenings of the director's cut were held on Apr. 20 in 420 theaters across the nation.

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1970 Flashback: 'Gimme Shelter'

Albert Maysles, who co-directed "Gimme Shelter" with his brother David and Charlotte Zwerin in 1970, passed away on Mar. 5. He was 88. "Gimme Shelter" is considered one of the great rock documentaries of all time.

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Michael Keaton Flies High in 'Birdman'

Winner of the Golden Globe and Spirit Award for Best Actor for "Birdman," Michael Keaton plays a schizophrenic theater director who, at one point, tokes a joint after a tense argument with his daughter.

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Review: 'The Interview'

Seth Rogen is the Harold Ramis of the modern stoner comedy. "The Interview," which he co-wrote, directed and stars in, is part "Stripes," part pushing the comedy envelope a la Sacha Baron Cohen. And, of course, part cultural and political phenomenon.

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The Top 25 Stoner Movies of 2014

There were so many drug-themed films this year that we've expanded from Top 10 to Top 25. "Neighbors," "Inherent Vice," "Don Peyote" and "The Culture High" top the list.

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