Top 21 Stoner Movies of 2017


6. Frank Serpico

The subject of the 1973 movie Serpico starring Al Pacino is now the star of his own movie, Antonio D'Ambosio's Frank Serpico. The outsider hippie cop who took on the entire New York police force in the early '70s when he exposed corruption in the form of payoffs is still a force to be reckoned with. He hasn't mellowed much over the years and now sports a white goatee in comparison to his full black beard from when he was on the beat. Shot in the head during an undercover operation in 1971, Serpico continues to bemoan the lack of support he received that day and subsequently from his fellow officers, who viewed him as a "rat." Later that year he dramatically testified before the Knapp Commission. By 1972, he quit the force and soon left the country for Holland. About the current state of law enforcement, Serpico says, nearly 50 years later: "Nothing has changed. The abuse has been switched around, but the abuse of power is still there."

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Steve Bloom

Steve Bloom

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