Top 21 Stoner Movies of 2017


4. Good Time

Box office: $2 million

A bank robbery and crime spree are the themes of this kinetic thriller, directed by brothers Benny and Josh Safdie, and starring Robert Pattinson in a breakout role. When Pattinson's sleazy Connie seduces a 16-year-old girl who offers him weed, he turns her down, because "it has no effect on me, I'm immune to it." The story flies off the rails after Connie springs the wrong prisoner from hospital lockup (he intended to get his brother out). When Connie realizes his mistake, he seizes on scoring a bottle of liquid LSD left behind by the prisoner played by Ben Edelman (described in the credits as "Acid Buying Complainer"). A flashback shows his trip and how he ended up getting arrested. Connie manages to evade the police until the end, when the acid bottle flies out his hands and he's cuffed instead.

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Steve Bloom

Steve Bloom

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