Top 21 Stoner Movies of 2017


5. The Hero

Box office: $4.1 million

He's best known for his deep baritone voice, bushy mustache and supporting role in The Big Lebowski, but Sam Elliott can carry a movie when given the chance, as he does in Brett Haley's indie flick, which is named after a fictional Western his character Lee Hayden starred in 40 years ago. At 71, Lee's a broken man – divorced, estranged from his daughter, out of acting work (he, of course, does voiceovers) and now diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. Despite all the negatives, a younger women, Charlotte (Laura Prepon), comes into his life and gives him some hope that things can get better. Lee also has a friend in marijuana, which he smokes throughout, often with his dealer friend Jeremy (Nick Offerman). "Do you got an ounce of this shit or what?" Lee asks Jeremy as they pass a joint. "I need it. The ounce of the devil's lettuce." "That voice could sell a ton of weed, my friend." Jeremy replies. One of the great '60s actresses Catherine Ross (The Graduate, Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid) plays Lee's ex.

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Steve Bloom

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