The Top 30 Stoner Movies of 2018


Ocean’s 8

More and more women are breaking the male stoner mold with engaging roles that often involve smoking weed. In the case of Don Ross’ Ocean’s 8, it’s Rihanna, whose character Nine Ball hits a spliff in an early scene and is about to in another. This female caper film is a blast.


In Olivia Milch’s Dude, the leading ladies - four high school seniors dealing with separation anxiety - puff non-stop. Lucy Hale as Lily heads a game cast that also includes Awkwafina. The alpha of the bunch, Lucy gets arrested for driving with a bong in her backseat and learns some valuable lessons along the way. Netflix


Alex Richanbach’s Ibiza features a more mature female cast that includes former Saturday Night Live star Vanessa Bayer and perky lead Gillian Jackson, whose Harper gets roped into partying (pot and Ecstasy) with her friends while on a business trip to Spain before they jet off to Ibiza, where she falls for a hot DJ. Netfix

Life of the Party

The partying in Ben Falcone’s Life of the Party, starring his wife Melissa McCarthy, is pretty tepid. After McCarthy’s Deanna, who’s in her fifties, gets dumped by her cruel husband (Matt Walsh), she decides to finish college. Daughter Maddie (Molly Gordon) and her sorority friends take this fish-out-of-water under their wings and moderate hilarity ensues. In one scene, they all eat chocolate edibles.

420 Massacre

The most audacious film in this sub-category is Dylan Reynolds’ 420 Massacre. It has the classic horror set-up: four co-eds go on a camping trip, complete with bongs and lots of weed. It doesn’t take long for redneck stalkers to start knocking them off one by one, except for Jess (Jamie Bernadette), who take matters into her own hands. Showtime

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