The Top 47 Stoner Movies of 2019


American Hemp

Colorado was the first state to legalize marijuana in 2012 and also got a head start on hemp. Josh Hyde focuses on early players like Evo Hemp and Colorado Cultivars as they convert acres of raw hemp into snacks and tinctures. Now that hemp is federally legal, they have a lot more competition. Evo founders Jourdan Samel and Ari Sherman get most of the screen time in what feels like an hour-long informercial for the company. Prime



A Million Little Pieces

James Frey’s life as an addict, as told in his 2003 alleged memoir A Million Little Pieces, is a rehab story, and Sam Taylor-Johnson’s adaptation is a rehab movie. It starts with James (played convincingly by Taylor-Johnson’s husband Aaron) on a crack bender falling off a ledge and smashing his face. He’s sent to the Hazelton drug treatment center in Minnesota, where at first he resists, but eventually adopts the 12-step program. A young woman James connects with there, Lilly (Odessa Young), doesn’t have such luck. Charlie Hunnam as his brother, Billy Bob Thornton as a fellow junkie and Juliette Lewis as a counselor add heft to this otherwise routine exercise. On Demand, Prime, YouTube

Steve Bloom

Steve Bloom

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