The Top 40 Stoner Movies of 2020


The Beach House

Be afraid of the water, be very afraid in Jeffrey A. Brown’s contagion creeper. A young couple plan a vacation at the family beach house and find an older couple living there. After they all consume an infused chocolate bar all hell breaks loose. Jellyfish-like creatures ooze out of the ocean and infect anyone in their path. Emily (Liana Liberato) heroically tries to save the day in this colorful apocalyptic thriller.

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The Bee Gees: How Can You Mend a Broken Heart

Frank Marshall’s Bee Gees doc is pretty standard issue: The rise and fall and rise again of the Australian pop group, from their earliest hits like “To Love Somebody” in 1967 to the massive triumph of the Saturday Night Fever soundtrack a decade later. Most interesting is when Marshall contrasts the Bee Gees performing “Staying Alive” in concert with the infamous disco demolition event during a baseball game in 1979. That would be pretty much it for the Bee Gees. Barry Gibb went solo and his brothers Robin, Maurice and Andy all eventually died (Andy’s death was drug-related). The Bee Gees’ personal story, as told here, is rather dull. It’s better just to dance and sing along to their funky music.




The Gentleman

Guy Ritchie’s flick gets off to a solid start with terrific credits reminiscent of a Bond opener that’s full of smoke and pot leaves. It’s pretty much downhill from there. This British gangster farce stars Matthew McConaughey as pot kingpin Mickey Pearson. He and his wife Rosalind (Michelle Dockery) own a network of underground marijuana cultivation bunkers throughout the UK, but have decided to sell the operation and take bids from up-and-coming rivals. This sparks a cat-and-mouse game that leads to significant violence and bloodshed. The story is told by gay private investigator Fletcher (Hugh Grant), who sneaks onto the property of Mickey’s right-hand man Ray (Sons of Anarchy’s Charlie Hunnam, who’s British). Grant's a hoot, but his compelling narrative can’t carry this movie. Playing an American hustler in England is a stretch even for Oscar winner and Top CelebStoner McConaughey.  

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Steve Bloom

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