Stoner Movie Review: 'Good Mourning' Starring Machine Gun Kelly

"Good Mourning" is produced by Cedar Park Studios and distributed by Open Road Films.

There's been a shortage of stoner comedies the last few years. Good Mourning arrives just in the nick of time.

Directed by rappers Machine Gun Kelly and Mod Sun (they teamed up on Downfalls High in 2021), it's an audacious feature debut.

Set in L.A., Kelly (nee Colson Baker) plays TV actor London Clash. He lives in a swanky Hollywood Hills house and hangs with a bunch of stoners: Angel (Zach Villa), Dylan (Mod Sun), Fat Joe (Boo Johnson) and Leo (Gata).

All the action takes place in one day. London has a shot at the lead role in the next "Batman" movie, but he can only focus on his GF, Apple (Becky G), whom he's convinced is breaking up with him because she sent him a "Good Mourning" text. 

Supporting turns by Peter Davidson as a valet, Whitney Cummings as Kelly's loudmouth agent, CelebStoner Megan Fox as a lesbian sexpot (she's engaged to Kelly), Tom Arnold as the film director, Amber Rose as a weed dealer and Avril Lavigne as herself (she's dating Sun) elevate the brash comedy.

One scene features a large Cheech & Chong style blunt rolled in a huge fronta leaf. The ashes are collected and used to replace those in several vases that fall off a mantle when the stoners are trying to find Apple.

Pot is most prevalent though there is a ketamine scene where the stoners snort it and one falls into the "K-Hole." At another point, London mentions "DMT," which Kelly and Fox have used before in Peru. 

The soundtrack is stocked with quality Kelly songs, and he and Son collaborate on the title track.

Kelly's acting is solid; he's had plenty of practice in videos dating back to 2010.

Fans of classics like Harold & Kumar Go to White Castle, Half Baked, Smiley Face and Grandma's Boy will likely enjoy this slapstick stoner flick. It's highly recommended.

Good Mourning is screeening at select theaters like the Quad in New York. It's streaming at Amazon Prime and iTunes


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Steve Bloom

Steve Bloom

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