'Hurt' Julia Louis-Dreyfus Needs Weed to Relax in Light Comedy

Julia Louis-Dreyfus goes to a New York weed shop in "You Hurt My Feelings."

Nicole Holofcener's You Hurt My Feelings can't be more topical. The lead character's son works at an unlicensed pot shop in Manhattan.

That lead is none other than Seinfeld and Veep's Julia Louis-Dreyfus. She plays Beth Mitchell, a struggling author. Her son Eliot (Owen Teague) is a writer too, or at least wants to be.

In the second scene, Beth visits Eliot at the unnamed weed store with a box of donuts in hand. It's a scene straight out of Seinfed...

Eliot to Beth: We've got a new strain. Want to try it? It's very mellow.

Beth: I'm not going to buy weed from you.

Eliot: You go to that place, it's totally a rip off.

Beth: I don't.

Eliot: You do!

Beth. OK. I don't want to talk about that.

Budtender: You can buy from me.

Beth: No, thank you. (To Eliot) I just hate you're working here. It's so dangerous.

Eliot: We have security. Can I have a donut?

Owen Teague munches on a donut in the pot shop in "You Hurt My Feelings."

Later in the movie Beth's hunch proves right when the store is robbed while she and Eliot are there...

Beth to Eliot: Would it be weird if I bought pot from you?

Eliot: No. What do you want?

Beth: I don't know. Something to make life living?

Eliot: I got that. Try these – they're gummies.

[Two guys walk in and one pulls out a gun]

Robber #1: Everyone on the floor!

[Second guy starts taking products from the behind the counter]

Robber #1: Get the indica, idiot.

Robber #2: This is a hybrid. Is that OK?

Robber #1: Whatever. Where's the money?

Eliot: It's in the box.

Robber #1: Give ot to me.

[Eliot hands him the box and the two guys run out of the store. Eliot and Beth hug.]

No doubt this can happen, but it's also an overreaction to the spread of unlicensed stores in New York, simiilar to this East New York "Up in Smoke" episode.

Louis-Dreyfus never smokes or eats a gummy in the movie. She could use it. Stressed by a lie she caught her husband telling, the "hurt" Beth mopes around until all is relatively resolved. It's a decent light comedy that might have worked better as a TV series. 

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