Football Funnies: Smokin' Snoop Dogg Coaches Peewees in 'The Underdogs'

Snoop Dogg smokes in "The Underdoggs."

Snoop Dogg plays a former star NFL wide receiver who's fallen on hard times and becomes the blunt-smoking coach of a foul-mouthed peewee football team in Charles Stone III's The Underdogg. It's now streaming at Prime Video.

The movie begins with Jaycen Jennings (Snoop) narrating a podcast in bed while smoking a blunt. He's soon charged with reckless driving after an car accident and is sentenced to 300 hours of community service in Long Beach's Parks and Rec where he ends up running a youth football team. It's The Mighty Ducks meets Next Friday with Mike Epps (Kareem) joining Jaycen as the assistant coach.

While the youngsters improve their skills under Jaycen's tutelage, he hits on Cherise (Tika Sumpter). She's his ex and her son is the team's wisecracking QB. As the peewee team wins a few games, Jaycen (a.k.a "Two Js") tries to get closer to Cherise. Yes, in addition to being a teen sports comedy, The Underdogs is a rom-com too.

It's too bad kids will be barred from watching the R-rated flick, which includes a beer-drinking scene at a pool party (however, no blunts are smoked by the youngsters). Snoop curses non-stop as do most of the kids. The language should've been toned down so children could see this otherwise inspirational film in theaters with their older siblings and parents.

"It's 'The Mighty Ducks' meets 'Next Friday.'"



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