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Review: 'The Hangover III'

Usually the third is not the charm when it comes to movie sequels, but "The Hangover III" pulls it off. The Wolfpack is back for one last adventure. It's definitely worth the ride.

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Review: 'MardiGrass' Movie

Antohnia Lyovtzsis' "MardiGrass" documents the longtime cannabis festival that takes place in Nimbin, Australia. It's like a Rainbow Gathering with a political agenda - that is, to legalize marijuana.

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Review: 'John Dies at the End'

A mysterious drug called Soy Sauce obliterates everyone who tries it, except for John and David, in this deranged stoner horror flick.

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Review: 'Cheech & Chong's Animated Movie'

Fans of Cheech & Chong's early material as stand-up comics will enjoy "Cheech & Chong's Animated Movie," which opened in theaters on Apr. 18 and extended through 4/20.

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Review: '21 and Over'

In "21 and Over," mild-mannered Jeff Chang (played by Justin Chon) is visited by his high school buds who want to show Joe College a good time on his 21st birthday.

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